DIY-Recycling a glass piece

I found this well shaped glass lying around in my house, interesting shapes are always a delight for any recycler. So I started about by just randomly making a pattern with blue. Soon I brought in the light blue-dark blue combo, a favourite of mine and one that can easily bring in beauty to anything. … Continue reading DIY-Recycling a glass piece



Lunch from Lunch Pi

As bachelorettes Sindhu (of and I often had to spice up our taste buds with outside food. And affordability, packing, quantity and quality make a huge difference. Lunch Pi offered to give us a taste of their food. Sindhu ordered lasagna and I ordered the Special Veg Thali, we also ordered a chicken kebab. The thali was absolutely delicious. … Continue reading Lunch from Lunch Pi


100 things to do in Chennai

This is one old post that has been lying in my drafts for a very very very long time. Atlast, I decided to dust it out. I have been in Chennai for a long time now. But I was not much of a roamer or explorer.. its not that I dint want to but situations … Continue reading 100 things to do in Chennai

Chennai Book Fair 2016

When you don't have a single click in your mobile, what does it mean? You were too busy gawking! Book fairs I say, its an adventure land altogether. BAPASI has come back with a bang with a splendid book fair this year!! From famous publishers, to who's who of book retailers you have them all. Two more … Continue reading Chennai Book Fair 2016

The Liebster Award and some things about ME!

Its a real pleasure to be nominated for the Liebster Award, and that from two bloggers whom I admire not only for their writing but also for their pleasant personality. Thankyou, the ever smiling Gokoulane Ravi and the inquisitive writer Dhivya Balaji. The two people are one of the few rare ones who cherish life to the … Continue reading The Liebster Award and some things about ME!


Prakash was still in the ICU. His family and relatives had been visiting the hospital. The doctors hadn't allowed anyone to see him yet. Everyone had been shocked at the things they heard from the police. It was not believable, Prakash was afterall a good boy, infact a neighbours pet. His mother never left the … Continue reading Will-O’-the-Wisp

Robin McLaurin Williams

The man who got me hooked to English movies. The man who showed what a Teacher was supposed to say. The man who brought a smile even on the saddest of ones. The man who got a depressed gorilla to hug him. The man who made people laugh till their stomach hurt, just to see … Continue reading Robin McLaurin Williams