DIY-Recycling a glass piece

I found this well shaped glass lying around in my house, interesting shapes are always a delight for any recycler. So I started about by just randomly making a pattern with blue.

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (4)

Soon I brought in the light blue-dark blue combo, a favourite of mine and one that can easily bring in beauty to anything. Soon as I was going about I added in the dark green-light green combo, and then a line of yellow and red. The end result:

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (5)

I decided to hang it. So I did a lanyard knot and the bottle hanging knots with the coir threads from the packages.(will do a post on it soon).

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (1)

And the end product… Tada!!

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (2)

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (3)

Add ons you can try:

  1. Try the acrylic paint, I had only poster colours, so had to go ahead with those.
  2. I am yet to varnish too. Varnishing gives a better finish, look and the craft lasts longer.
  3. You can hang in a bulb, for it can also serve as a lamp.

Let me know what you think and share me your crafts.






Lunch from Lunch Pi

As bachelorettes Sindhu (of and I often had to spice up our taste buds with outside food. And affordability, packing, quantity and quality make a huge difference.

Lunch Pi offered to give us a taste of their food. Sindhu ordered lasagna and I ordered the Special Veg Thali, we also ordered a chicken kebab.

The thali was absolutely delicious. The items were fried rice, 2 naan and 2 gravies- dal makhani and butter masala, tikka, raitha and a sweet. The quantity is really good, it’s a treat for heavy eaters.

The kebab, though not of my taste, was liked by Sindhu. I am still very choosy on my meat choices.

The packing deserves a special mention. All the items instead of usually being stuffed in a cover, was laid out in a neat cardboard box. Not only is the packing environment friendly, the spoon is recyclable too..which is made of wood.

Kudos LunchPi.



100 things to do in Chennai


This is one old post that has been lying in my drafts for a very very very long time. Atlast, I decided to dust it out.

I have been in Chennai for a long time now. But I was not much of a roamer or explorer.. its not that I dint want to but situations like being stuck in atypical “strict Chennai engineering college” plus financial dependence restricted me.

The past year and half three years I have been working in our Singara Chennai, now that I am financially independent, I visit place here and there. Then I thought why not have a list.. so as I was googling through a lot of sites (reallly a loooot) .. I finally choose a list (link) I came across a Random blog. I found it easy and doable and short. Compared to 1000 things lists for a person who hasn’t roamed much.

So here is my 100. I have edit them to my preferences too. For example.. I don’t find Tibbs Frankie that great that to be on the list. I had added in a few hearing a lot of hype too like the Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory, That Madras Place… but they utterly disappointed me.

My 100 things to do in Chennai.

  1. The Island grounds trade fair!
  2. Shopping in PONDY BAZAR is a must experience.
  3. A rickshaw ride in the streets of chennai
  4. A visit to Theosophical society
  5. Eat thalapakatti biryani in Dindugul Thalapakati
  6. Visit Birla Planetarium
  7. St.Thomas mount church
  8. Eat Sandwich Outside Alsa Mall (BALAJI SANDWICH)
  9. An early morning Jog on Beach road.
  10. Kili Josiyam
  11. Haunted House, Valmiki Nagar
  13. Watch a movie at sathyam cinemas.
  14. Chettinad Palace
  15. Idly sambar and vadai from Rathna cafe.
  17. Express Avenue
  18. Phoenix Market City
  19. Watching first day first show of a mass movie.
  20. The breadth taking view from thalankuppam pier
  21. Elliot’s Beach
  23. 41 Royal Sandwich stall
  24. Visit the Anna Centennary Library
  25. Peaceful walk on the roads of IIT MADRAS
  26. Spend a day watching Movie / Movie marathon
  27. Mudaliyar Kuppam
  28. Kovalam Beach
  29. Playing volleyball early morning beach
  30. Puri Jagannath Temple
  31. MGM Dizee World
  32. Drinking Panner soda
  33. Having ATHO (Burmese food)
  34. Vadapalani Murugan Koyil
  35. Anna Nagar Tower Park
  36. Ranganathan Street
  37. Water sport facility on the East Coast Road
  38. Amethyst cafe, Royapettah
  39. Travel in MTC bus
  40. Pulicat lake
  41. Ubbalamadugu Falls (Tada Falls)
  42. Have Samosas @ The Samosa Factory
  43. Eating a crispy molaga in beach
  44. Attending TECHOFES @ Anna University
  45. Burma Bazzaar
  46. Shopping At Spencer Plaza
  47. Visit Vandalur zoo
  48. Visit Crocodile Bank
  49. Italian cuisine @ CUP O’ CAFE
  50. Shopping at Chennai City Center
  51. Visiting Anna Square
  53. Visit Mayajaal
  54. Bird Watch @ Vedanthankal Lake Bird Sanctuary
  55. Watch a CSK match in Chepauk stadium
  56. Trek,Swim and relax at Kone falls
  57. Besant nagar church(Annai Velankanni Church)
  58. Visit Royapuram Fishing Harbour
  59. Koyembedu flower market
  61. Moore market
  62. Visit Connemara library
  63. Eating in titanic fastfood @marina
  64. Relaxing at semmozhi poonga garden
  66. Have Biriyani @Amirunnisa Biryani
  67. Visit chembarambakkam lake
  68. Go to the annual Chennai Book Fair
  69. Electronics shopping Ritchie street
  70. Photoshoot @ ALAMPARAI FORT
  71. Visit Chokhi Dhani
  72. Travelling chennai through train
  73. Have a unique flavored icecream at AMADORA
  75. Visit Valluvar Kottam
  76. New year celebration in marina beach
  77. Visit Egmore museum. Especially take pics with T-Rex
  78. Cafe Chokolade @ Egmore
  79. Have Biryani @Charminar Biryani Centre
  80. Sip a drink @ Fruit Shop on Greams Road.
  81. Participate in Turtle Walk at Chennai Beach
  82. Old Curiosity Shop
  83. Listening to RJBalaji
  84. Flying kites In Marina Beach. It’s banned as of now.
  85. 96 Go-Kart !
  86. Bowling @ DownUnder
  87. Visiting the Haunted De Monte Colony
  88. Alwar Book Stall
  89. Attend Madras music season
  90. Dinner @ KAILASH PARBAT
  91. Visit Cotton street at Pantheon road
  92. The Chocolate Room, Velachery. One over hyped place
  93. Visit Santhome Church
  95. Visit HigginBothams – Mount Road
  96. Ultimate Fun in ECR !!
  97. Going to the top of light house
  98. Visit Chennai’s ISKON TEMPLE
  99. Travelling in “Anna Durai’s auto” !
  100. Sandwich from a stall in Nungambakkam High Road and Jaganathan street.

Is there anything you think I should add? Tell me 🙂 


Chennai Book Fair 2016

When you don’t have a single click in your mobile, what does it mean? You were too busy gawking! Book fairs I say, its an adventure land altogether.

BAPASI has come back with a bang with a splendid book fair this year!! From famous publishers, to who’s who of book retailers you have them all.

Two more awesome things of the fair:

First, our Chennai Bloggers Club is the official blogging partner!


Second, we have released a book! An anthology on the devastating floods in Chennai. The book ‘After the flood‘ is a collections of the experiences of 20 bloggers of CBC. You can grab your copy in stall 437. To be duly noted is that part of the proceeds of the sale is contributed to flood affected orphanages. The Fair is until the 13th of June. There are over 600 stalls and all of them offer a minimum 10% discount on all books.


As for me, while trying so hard not to buy any book for myself (when you have 30 books already yet to read!), I just had to pick an unabridged Jane Eyre and three story books for my niece. And another three Roald Dahl books for…cough…in the name of my niece.
chennai book fair
Books are the best Aint it!! 😀

The Liebster Award and some things about ME!

Its a real pleasure to be nominated for the Liebster Award, and that from two bloggers whom I admire not only for their writing but also for their pleasant personality. Thankyou, the ever smiling Gokoulane Ravi and the inquisitive writer Dhivya Balaji. The two people are one of the few rare ones who cherish life to the fullest, and the ones who often flatter me by their positivity.


So, What is the Liebster Award?
The Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Liebster Award Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog.
  3. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
  5. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the Award and have them answer 11 questions.
  6. Let the other bloggers know you’ve nominated them.
  7. Copy the rules into your post.

Hmmmph… now to the 11 random facts about me

  1. I am a big fan (read CRAZY) fan of Bill Watterson.
  2. I am a feminist.
  3. My mind is always thinking… Always.
  4. I have very good intuition.
  5. I believe in astrology. As science, cosmology.. it is ever changing.
  6. I am Agnostic.
  7. I love Chocolates.
  8. I am a home buddy.
  9. I love adrenaline rush.
  10. I love hugs.
  11. I am a sapiosexual.

11 questions asked by Gokoulane Ravi

  1. Who/What inspires you?

Sane, intelligent, sharp ones. Ones who know what they want and know how to express it or get it. There are various attributes I try to pick up from various people. Bill Watterson is one whom I admire a lot, he has achieved and lives a quiet life. Away from all that celebrity hullabulaah, he allows his work speak for him. Sushmitha Sen, for her parenting skills to her adopted children. I remember reading in Reader’s digest once…she imbibed in her kid that biological children are normal and adopted kids are special. That is not something one would care to do.

  1. Why do you blog?

To mostly ramble.

  1. Do you have a favorite book – if so, which one?

Not one. But if I have to, there are three: Calvin and Hobbes series of comics, Little Women and Matilda.

  1. What do you value most in life?

Love and Affection.

  1. What does a normal day in your life look like?

I wake up, have warm lemon water, some protein. Off to office. Evenings would be for any one of my hobbies, planned chores, calls to loved ones, plan for any chores the next day. And off to sleep.

  1. What’s your most favourite food?

Currently, Biryani.

  1. What’s the most memorable gift which you have ever received?

Gifts can’t pinpoint on one. When friends take extra effort and time to make my day beautiful…That time I get to spend with them on that day is my favourite.   

  1. What do you admire most about yourself?

My courage.

  1. One favourite track that you like to listen on repeat and never get bored of it?

Currently, Thalli Pogathe.

  1. What’s your dream travel destination?

Currently, Ireland and Scotland.

  1. What’s your peace spot, the place you like to visit when you are down?

Depends where I am. My Room, riding alone in the night, sometimes even bathroom when I want to think clear.

One thing that you like and dislike about me?

Like: Your maturity. Dislike: none.

11 Questions asked by Dhivya Balaji

  1. Why do you blog? And why have you named your blog like you have?

To mostly ramble. And the name? Well, you know how they say a person shouldn’t be angry, feel greed, jealous…basically all negative emotions. Remember how you are taught you are a good human only when you have the positive feelings. Well I think its bullshit. A human ought to have all emotions and just be taught to deal with it in a healthy way, suppression is what is not being Human…hence Wannabe Humane.

  1. If you wanted to bring back a dead celebrity, who would it be and why?

Robin Williams. Why because, God, he has some unfinished business back here.

  1. What was your favourite subject in school and what would you say to those who may not like it?

History. Find the right teacher, bud.

  1. If you could harness the power of one of the five fundamental elements of nature, what would you like to control and how and why?

Wind. Always loved to fly, would love to control it, the Frozen Elsa style.

  1. What is your favourite quote about life?

Currently, Happiness Isn’t Enough, I Demand Euphoria”

  1. How many languages do you know to write and is there any you want to learn?

English. Tamil and French on different levels. Mandarin, Japanese. I would want to talk and read than to write, which of course would follow when I master the first two.

  1. What superpower do you wish to have, and, yeah, you guessed it – why?

Easy… Fly. Always dreamt of it. swirl upp

  1. Do you take personality quizzes online? How far do you believe them? Have any of them been true (accurate)?

Yes. Professional ones have been true.

  1. Of all the words you have written, which do you think received the best praise (according to you) and what would it be?

Second standard when I wrote on ‘Lotus’.

  1. What is the most memorable gift you have received so far? And what was the occasion?

Answer same as Question 7 from Gokoulane.

  1. If you were to fight for one social cause, what would it be?

Human Greed.

Thank you so much Gokoulane and Dhivya! I loved answering these questions, was lovely running through the memory lane.

11 People I would award this:

Bhushavali of

Prince Deepu of

Mahendran of

Clement Williams of

Rajesh of

Deepak of

Gopal of

Somu Padbanabhan of

Ram Thilak of

Minu Marie Mathew of

Charan Teja Ayyala of

My 11 Questions to you.

  1. Your favourite person? Name one!
  2. What is one most favourite piece of your creation?
  3. What is one thing you would want to dare yourself to do?
  4. Favourite Travel incident.
  5. Your first favourite book? Why?
  6. Favourite movie? Why?
  7. Philosophy of life?
  8. How would you react if you came to know that “Smoking weed shows you the real world and that’s why the government is making it illegal and the world what we see isn’t real”
  9. Who do you think is the better of the three: Hitler, Polpot, and George W Bush?
  10. How do you think people would be like 100 years from now? Not materialistic but behaviour wise.
  11. Anything you would like to ask me? Scold me? Compliment me perhaps? 😛


Prakash was still in the ICU. His family and relatives had been visiting the hospital. The doctors hadn’t allowed anyone to see him yet. Everyone had been shocked at the things they heard from the police. It was not believable, Prakash was afterall a good boy, infact a neighbours pet. His mother never left the hospital. The nurses allowed her to visit him secretly a few times when she poorly begged. But then she would run out of his room sobbing. The nurses had heard the voices, ‘Painting…Catherine… Annie…. three…. Red….’ it was never ending.

They felt sad for the mother and son.

Prakash was still dazed. He had been sleeping most of the time. That was not good, he thought. He needed to think, he had to visit Sarvesh before he was hanged, he had to figure out the clues! And the kid, Catherine..was she even safe? He requested the doctors not to administer the sedatives, they just wouldn’t budge, when he protested he was simply tied to the bed. Why would they do that? Was this Noel’s work? The police and doctors walked in and out most of the time, they spoke amongst themselves and just leave. Nevertheless, he still felt unsafe, he knew somebody was watching him. He needed to escape. But how? The nurse, here she was..another sedative and he would be asleep in no time.

Prakash woke with a jolt. Prakash was sure ‘HE’ was here. Prakash’s eyes scurried the room frantically. The thunderous laugh echoed through the room. Prakash could only hear him, where was HE?

“Hi Prakash”, said the eerie spine-chilling voice. Prakash froze. The voice came from above his bed. He arched his back, leaned his chin up wanting a clear view this time..there..His eyes met the grotesque being. Clamped to the head of the bed, hanging in the air, whole body painted white, blood dribbling from mouth and hands, smiling at him, Noel said, ‘Good day, Sir’.

With one hit, Noel broke the shackles of the bed, caught Prakash by the hair and dragged him out, “Time to Goooooo”, Noel yelled enthusiastically.

The nurses screamed. Steven had kicked anyone who intervened, the Police were no exception.

Prakash gained conscious hearing Noel again. This time he sang…

“Roses are red and Violets aren’t blue
When your body aches and your day ends

Prakash felt a sharp punch.

“Where memories will be your only friends
There, lies your next clue”

Prakash cried out in pain. He saw Noel slice his stomach, all the way to his crotch, slowly first, then a stab on his left. Now Annie forced the knife through the right.

“A beautiful PLUS”, Noel said satisfied. Annie smiled gracefully.

Prakash felt another punch through his stomach. Noel pulled out his intestines…his face displayed ecstasy.

“Charming threads”, Steven said, smiling ear to ear.

Prakash’s mom saw her son punched, kicked, stabbed in every visible part of the body, he was all red, not her handsome Prakash in holi red, but covered till toe in bloody red.
Stunned, crying, yelling out to him, on her knees, hitting the ground with hands, she begged him to stop. She saw her dear son’s intestines pulled out.

She was horrified to see his son storm out of the ICU. He could not be stopped. He ran through the stairs kicking anyone who tried to stop. He turned deaf to her calls. He just ran. Ran frantically. Ran holding his hair, he was worn out, but it din’t stop him from forcefully dragging himself.

The story so far …
#1 A Haunted Memory
#2 Three Strokes of Red
#3 The Red Saree
#4 Black Heart
#5 Who’s Next???
#6 #3 NUMB3RS!

And mine is Part 7. And for Part 8, please read Asmita Madhusudhanan’s Ressurection.

Note : This post is a part of the “Tagged” Contest by writer Kaarthika and The Chennai Bloggers Club. Kaarthika’s book is being released on May 29. Do pre-order it on Amazon.

Robin McLaurin Williams

robin_williams (2)

The man who got me hooked to English movies.

The man who showed what a Teacher was supposed to say.

The man who brought a smile even on the saddest of ones.

The man who got a depressed gorilla to hug him.

The man who made people laugh till their stomach hurt, just to see them happy.

The man who was so spontaneous that one camera was never enough.

The man who brought alive the Genie which was otherwise meant to be a boring one.

The man who helped me celebrate my madness.

The man who taught the world that it is awesome to be crazy.

The man who dashed my tiniest of hope that a person of genius with happiness do exist.

The man who brought my life to a stand still by his death.

The man I knew little of, but felt that pinch of guilt over his sudden passing.

The man who was a stranger, yet would forever make me feel if there was anything at all I could have done to stop him from taking that decision.

Dear Robin, I will always love you. I am hoping you are in a better place now and have found your happiness. When I meet you up there i want to see you with that awesome smile on you. Am sure God is hurting his belly laughing. Love you shall always be a part of me… O Captain…My Captain!

robin_williams (1)