About ME

Aloha! I am a human being in this small world of the galaxy…blah blah ..okay cutting to the chase. I like to call myself a town girl. I am from Pondicherry which I love ofcourse. The diversity it has never seizes to amaze me, a global village in itself.

What I love

What if conversations. Calvin and Hobbes (Crazyvfan).Chilling with my 6 yr old niece. Doodling. Doing diy, decorating my house on a challenging budget.

Personality at the moment.

One who has fascination and imagination for history. Typical libran, conflict with two extremes, but in the EOD takes the best decision necessary. Compulsive reader… Reading biscuit packets or whatever necessary to satiate my day’s worth of read. Tries to know something of ‘everything’, and everything of ‘one thing'(still in the process of finding that one thing).Tries to be everything I can, nothing I cannot. 

If you are still reading…. 

More loveus’: Riding.Adventure sports. Music serves as my anti-depressant. Love a healthy debate. Prefer keeping my brain buzzed, coffee or reading..both works. Off road travel junkie. Crazy enough, I tend to feel stagnated if I don’t meet new people once in a while. Idleness is not my forte.

My thoughts: I find this world an unsolvable puzzle…we are so intricately bound to each other that I equally love and hate this world! There is so much to fall head over heels in love with whilst turning your arse away from the eARTHly beings!

In this blog I intend to write/ramble about things I come across in life.
We may never be able to catch up in another lifetime, so say me a ‘Hi’ whilst we have the time.
P.S: Checkout the ‘Thought Cards’ tab, a product of my inundated thinking.

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