Must do’s and don’ts in Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

When you are just back from a happening place in Thailand, and you come back to see Wikipedia naming it the location of the month… That’s icing on the cake!
Yup that’s right I have been to one of the most happening places in Asia..the Khao San Road.


For newbies, Khao San road is a one kilometre stretch street where you shop, party, eat and drop. The party goes on all night. Whether you are an introvert traveller who likes to just watch people or a party animal, it has something to offer everyone and is a must go. This is a street in central Bangkok where drinking and dancing happens on the street, literally. Plus, a lot more that can’t be said.

What you must do there!

  • Randomly join a group and start dancing. The most inviting crowd you can see and what best .. The pubs compete to play the loudest music.


  • Try your choice of poison, esp. the local beer from the alcohol carts. I loved how amusing the sign boards were. Guys calling out holding huge placards to buy from their carts and pubs.


I remember, one sign board that put me in splits, it read ‘No bad food, no weak alcohol, no bad service here!’.

  • Buy the most nonsensical t-shirts you have see. The tees’ and boxers are the funniest.


  • Street food. From eating scorpions to posing to eat a scorpion, you can!


A wide choice of grilled food that can walk, swim and fly, oops..that did.

  • Get a Tattoo/henna of your travelled countries, or simply buy flags of countries for your backpack.


  • Braid your hair. True hippie style 🙂


* Funky accessories. If you are a fan of bands, rings and neckchains this is your place for everything colourful!

  • Laughing Gas from balloons!


I did try this one.. It din’t have any effect on me. But my friend did seem to have, I was told you need to know to smoke to inhale it properly. However I do have my doubts.

  • What better after a lot of dancing… drop and get a foot massage.


However there are things you can avoid and not do in khao San Road.

  1. Do not buy anything that cost more than 100 Bhat. Being a active tourist area, the hawkers find every opportunity to rip you off.

  2. Though many say Khao San as an affordable place, I would beg to differ. The adjacent Ramabuttri street has the most affordable backpacker hostels and they are just amazing with a lot of amenities. Not only that, if you want a peaceful sleep after a long day of hustle, Khao San is not your place. The party goes on the entire night and the noise is pretty much audible in the hotels.

  3. Not the place for a quite dinner. Head to the restaurants of the nearby streets, try the yummiest of food and snacks, from amazing varieties.

  4. The most important thing, stay safe and get set for more than just cultural shock if you are not used to freaky party scenes.

  5. Men, if you are asked on a date by a stranger..dont be fooled, just make sure she is not a prostitute. A flourishing business in Cambodia and Bangkok. I must say…I was shocked how prevalent it was.

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