G for Game of Thrones

My list of Seven Characters I hate the least. Yes, you heard me right, if you are a Game of thrones fan, you would know it isn’t this perfect drama where we like the good guys and hate the bad guys. Good guys are boring to be liked eg. Father Ned Stark and bad guys can be really hated, no arguments there. And there are these characters just being humans, nothing great nothing less about them, we don’t add them in our favourite list but also not in our hated list but we look forward to them.

  1. Daenerys Targaryen, queen of the Andals, a favourite character to many but one in my least hated-but likable list, a khaleesi of odds, who can be cruel and at the same time forgiving.


  2. Oberyn Martell, hate his hesitation to take action but commend his foolish bravery to stand up against the mountain.


    Oh dear Red Viper.. pc:winteriscoming.net

  3. Jaime Lanister, the bewitched sister lover, would-have-been Bran Stark killer; But his chemistry with Brienne (of Tarth) and his promise to Catelyn Stark made us forgive him. Can’t wait to know what he has for us in store in season 6, after a low key in the previous season!



  4. Jon Snow, the all-time-stays-mum-annoying guy but just when i thought he was beginning to bowl me over in the fight against the white walkers, he was dead!
    By the way…I do think he is dead…so dead!



  5. The last spot is tied between Sandor Clegane and Davos Seaworth.


    What was Clegane trying to do with Arya? I do wish he stayed long.. Evil G.R.R!! Pc:fanpop.com


    Hate his loyalty to Stannis. But love his devotion and love for shireen. Pc:reddit.com

  6. Same as above. WordPress wouldn’t allow me to have a ‘5&6’, it resets my 7 as 1.😬

  7. Arya Stark. I know this might come as a shocker to many but I have always had mixed liking and annoying dislike for her.



Who would be on your list??


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