Funny bones of Internet

Hey Internet,

You are becoming funnier. Gone are the days where you were the strict Maths Teacher and our knowledge treasure trove! No offence, you still are. But you no more can be trusted blindly. I agree it is not your fault, more the demand, more the supply, more the dirt. You have to be verified before accepting, your stakeholders each have their own version, and claim it right. Enter Wikipedia, which demanded proof, but what use? Even it has gone to be a dusty history reference note-not really true but can be used for basic knowledge. The advent of social media, helped millions connect, share and celebrate, but again these urban legends and hoaxes can petrify people.

But few funny blunders are just worth a laugh. Here are few funny ones, poor you.

  • When Nolan made the Ghajini movie.


  • When you want to go to Guindy from India!Untitled


  • When the loss due to a rain, cost a state 100 Rupees!!


  • When Rajinikanth spammed his followers on Twitter.


  • When Frankie Valli became Frank Sinatra.


  • When Facebook thought there was only one Punjab?PUNJAB


  • When David Cameroon became the CEO of Google!


  • When one wants to do this in a live public conference! Indernet nose eberything bass.
    vijayakanth mukku nondifying

But dear Internet, you shall be remembered for you had to go through these.




2 thoughts on “Funny bones of Internet

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