B for Ball


While I was explaining my cousin about this AtoZ challenge, my niece jumps in and says ‘How difficult can that be? A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat….’. I cut her in the middle and say ‘I have to write hundred words minimum’.
Niece: Hundred aaaahhh!
Me: Aama(yes). Will you help me?
Niece: Seri. (means Okay)
Me: Tell me, I will write down.
Niece: Okayyieeee.
I play with my ball.
I have soooo manyyy kinds of balls.
We use ball for playing football and for basketball.
My friends play with ball.
With ball, we can play so many games.
My favourite is throw and catch.
Balls are available in many shops.
Me: Do you remember when you played with a ball first?
Niece: I remember seeing a ball for the first tayam in in in…Umm…’Daddy..daddy..when did I play ball for the first time?’
Me: Just tell me the time you remember.
Niece: I was a baby. I can’t remember.
Meanwhile, Cousin replies: When you were 1 year old ma…
Niece: When you..che..I was 1 year old, pinni.
Me: okay. I am noting.

It was time for them to leave to their home. So she tells me she will message me the remaining.

While leaving..
Niece: So do you want for C as well.
Me: No, just B will do.
Niece: Okay. Let me know in case you want in the future. Do give me time alright.
Me: Okay Madam.

After few hours, i call her mom to ask if Luckshana* has her other lines ready. She comes to the phone.
Niece: Pinni** you see there is B for bus. I go in bus so many times. Bread is there pinni!. Bread is an eating thing. Children love bread. When you are not well you can eat bread. It is square in shape. We can make a lot of dishes like sandwicchhh. * pause * Aan!.. See to that no fungus is there before eating.
Me: Can we also finish for Ball?
Niece: Oookay. * thinks and starts narrating *
There are different sizes of ball.
Ball is round in shape (repeats this line thrice, thinking for the next line).
Air is inside the ball. When the ball bursts, the air will come out.

  • long pause *

Me: Then?
Niece: How many words have you written?
Me: Don’t know I will have to count.
Niece: Count it.
Me: Wait..* evil me..typing the whole conversation *
Niece: * Murmuring to her mom behind * ‘How long does it take to count? Sure, there must be a lot, that is why she is taking a lot of time’.
Me: * controls laughter * I am unable to count, I will count later and tell. Do you have anymore for the ball?
Niece: Nah.. I can’t remember anything more.. I can if I try really hard though. But I do have for C, however not for E..it seems tough.

And that! my friends is one of the many conversations I love. Aren’t kids the best! โค

*Luckshana is her name. Spelled as per numerology. Poor dad is in for a toss for choosing the spelling. Can’t wait for her teenage tantrum.

**Pinni is aunt in Telugu.


7 thoughts on “B for Ball

  1. This is gorgeous! I love how kids say exactly what they think. That line: โ€˜How long does it take to count? Sure, there must be a lot, that is why she is taking a lot of timeโ€™, is gold. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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