Javelin Throw

I was a Javelin Thrower in my school days. My tall figure made my sports teachers think I would be good in it. True to the fact, i was moderately good if not great.

A Javelin is a spear like device that you throw high in the air in a projectile motion, the sharp end pokes the ground, and that distance is measured. The thrower with the maximum distance is deemed as the winner.

A Javelin is essentially thrown while the player running from a distance ejects it into the air. I remember in the initial days when I threw it running it would go in every direction including towards the sky- vertically upward and even behind my back but not forward at all. Ofcourse, my coach went on to teach me to try in different styles, it did work, I did learn and I was better at it. I enjoyed it too. I did win third place in state level.

But what I never understood was the faces the professional players made. Yes ofcourse it would require you to exert all your energy to throw the javelin, but the scary face?


Thaakudaaaaaaaa Perumaaluu


Ayyo kochikikaatangale.


Aaaup....Ayyo Amma... Gappu.

Anyways, Now that I think of it after almost 10 years, I wish I could try it sometime, would be fun.

I do wish to upgrade to spear fishing. I remember while watching these movies where people being marooned, went spear fishing. As a javelin player I used to practice spear fishing on mud, ofcourse when my coach was away.

Let me maybe save that for being marooned.

*Images from heralds, Pinterest and vivelljavelin, respectively.


3 thoughts on “Javelin Throw

  1. Sounds like a great skill to have in case of the zombie apocalypse. You can hunt your own food and protect yourself. I coached and taught PE for years, and there are people who make those faces when exerting themselves. Sticking out the tongue is probably the most common.

    Susan Says

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