Chennai Book Fair 2016

When you don’t have a single click in your mobile, what does it mean? You were too busy gawking! Book fairs I say, its an adventure land altogether.

BAPASI has come back with a bang with a splendid book fair this year!! From famous publishers, to who’s who of book retailers you have them all.

Two more awesome things of the fair:

First, our Chennai Bloggers Club is the official blogging partner!


Second, we have released a book! An anthology on the devastating floods in Chennai. The book ‘After the flood‘ is a collections of the experiences of 20 bloggers of CBC. You can grab your copy in stall 437. To be duly noted is that part of the proceeds of the sale is contributed to flood affected orphanages. The Fair is until the 13th of June. There are over 600 stalls and all of them offer a minimum 10% discount on all books.


As for me, while trying so hard not to buy any book for myself (when you have 30 books already yet to read!), I just had to pick an unabridged Jane Eyre and three story books for my niece. And another three Roald Dahl books for…cough…in the name of my niece.
chennai book fair
Books are the best Aint it!! 😀


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