Malaysia :4C11D Trip

Malaysia was part of my four country in 11 days trip. The first country was Malaysia.

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Day 1:
My flatmate and I stayed up all night chatting after finishing up some last minute shopping, I hadn’t packed yet(!) and as I did I was excited, it was my second trip away from my country…how exciting!
I started from Chennai on Friday early morning. Considering Air Asia’s syndrome of forgetting people taller that 5 feet 9″ do exist, I had a crampy flight. And as expected an expensive breakfast.

Still, it din’t stop me from admiring the blue sky adorned with pebbly clouds.
malaysia skies

I landed in Malaysia in the afternoon (Malaysia time is 2 and half hour ahead of India). After getting a Malaysian SIM and exploring ways to reach the city, I decided to try their bus.

Awesome organisation: The counters in Airport, where you have various options of transport in a single place.

It takes one and half hour to reach the city center by bus and then a cab transits us to the exact building where we want to go! Which is awesome. I wanted to go to the Imperial Sheraton, so it was another half hour drive.
Scenes while on the way to the city.

I was greeted by my other travel mates who were already in Malaysia, once freshening up we set out to the mall to grab some lunch. The Quill City Mall, right opposite to the Sheraton has a lighted roof, a beautiful sight to admire in the night. It was fun watching people and noticing their buying behavior. A ‘5RM store’ anything you take is for~85Rs was the best find of the day, there were interesting items at a very affordable price. I plan to visit again when I go to Malayasia next.

For lunch I tried a Malaysian fish noodles, I dint like it very much and I managed to eat just the noodles. The day went by as a relaxed and restful day, catching up on some TV, ordering the Malaysian Dominos Pizza(the pineapple pizza tasted quite funny) and KFC. Yes.. I do kinda feel bad for not venturing out much that day.

Day 2:
Batu Caves… ufff climbing those steps.
Atlast got Murugar dharisanam in person after watching the temple in a lot of tamil movies. Murugar was truly humongous.

Knowing the history was truly scintillating, it is amazing how a civilization could migrate and become a majority. Tamizhan da! was my feeling though I am technically not a Tamizhachi. I would recommend anyone who love history to have a read on it.

There is also an interesting educational tour of the caves. Our tour guide was so much fun and very knowledgeable. For people who love to wander into the imagination of evolution, it is a must go!!

For lunch, we headed to Pj area. We were recommmended the Lotus restaurant by the locals. The restaurant looks lile a typical non ac Saravana bhavan, not hifi, fully crowded but the food was sooo yum! We tried their Mutton biriyani, meals and finished our lunch with their watermelon juice, with a full tummy we headed back to my travel-mates’ relatives home to get ready for a wedding reception.

It was beautiful to see the closeness of the families and the cousins. An amazing multi-cultured wedding, where the groom was a Punjabi-Malaysian and the bride a Tamil-Singaporean..Wah!

Day 3:
Heading to Petronas Towers. It was splendid to look at the petronas. There are two levels of elevator and the technology they have to explain the construction is awesome.

You just have to wave your ticket to the camera mounted on top of the TV screen, the QR code gets scanned and soon the building levels and the details starts displaying.

The Skyline bridge was nice to walk through, reminded me of the twin towers.

Taking a break to try the Malaysian dessert!

A scene at the metro station.

It was soon time for us to depart to Vietnam. To go to airport we took the super fast KLIA express. We boarded the mid-evening, one hour flight to Vietnam, the country where we spent the most part of our trip.

Biggest miss of KL Trip: KL Tower and night view of Patronas. Anyway there is always a next time.

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Soon to follow: On my next destination Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.


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