Robin McLaurin Williams

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The man who got me hooked to English movies.

The man who showed what a Teacher was supposed to say.

The man who brought a smile even on the saddest of ones.

The man who got a depressed gorilla to hug him.

The man who made people laugh till their stomach hurt, just to see them happy.

The man who was so spontaneous that one camera was never enough.

The man who brought alive the Genie which was otherwise meant to be a boring one.

The man who helped me celebrate my madness.

The man who taught the world that it is awesome to be crazy.

The man who dashed my tiniest of hope that a person of genius with happiness do exist.

The man who brought my life to a stand still by his death.

The man I knew little of, but felt that pinch of guilt over his sudden passing.

The man who was a stranger, yet would forever make me feel if there was anything at all I could have done to stop him from taking that decision.

Dear Robin, I will always love you. I am hoping you are in a better place now and have found your happiness. When I meet you up there i want to see you with that awesome smile on you. Am sure God is hurting his belly laughing. Love you shall always be a part of me… O Captain…My Captain!

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2 thoughts on “Robin McLaurin Williams

  1. Good one Uma.

    Have you ever wondered how the people who make us laugh the most, lead terribly sad and painful lives in reality??

    Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams and Mrs. Doubtfire will remain gems.


    • Yes Mahesh. That is why this line….’The man who dashed my tiniest of hope that a person of genius with happiness do exist’. I have had this observation…Genius people are often depressed and have conflicting thoughts. Ofcourse everybody seem to be sad nowadays.But actual depression and fighting it out… I have observed many genius… not many but almost all who I have noticed have been through or are still being through..meaning to write a post on it for long.

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