Going ‘No Theme’

Soon It will be one year of my entry back into blogging. The year 2016 has been tough and February and march were months where I was looking to take up something new, that was when I saw my blogger friends take up the AtoZ Challenge. I decided to take it on.

I had to decide on a theme. But, when you are neither a writer nor a fan of writing long, this challenge can become boring and exhausting. Hence I decided to go ‘No theme’.

It’s not that ‘no theme’ made it easy peasy, it was tough thinking of a topic to write..a topic I can add to and not just write what all voice out. And having your career, personal life, a minor accident and most of all having the conviction to write 26 articles…was..is a bit heavy on the neck.

I still remember deciding to take the challenge only on the 1st of April. I thought I should start writing about Angkor Complex in Cambodia as a starter to my long pending post on the south east asia trip. Little did i know, that it would take me two sleepless nights, losing write up twice and breaking my head to remember, which was what from the thousands of pictures and atlast posting my first travelogue.

Then came B, which i wrote in five minutes, a beautiful conversation with my niece (link).

Keeping myself on the lighter side were C on Christopher Nolan, D on Demeter, E on Euphoria. For F I tried a little humour, a post on a childhood memory, my first of kind writing.. I am quite happy with the outcome.

Followed were G for Game of Thrones, H on Harley Davidsons’, I on Internet, J on Javelin. Back to travel blogs were my posts for K on Khao San Road, M for Malaysia, P for plan on the south Asia trip. My first and closest I came to writing on Love (obviously for L).

I remember while thinking for every alphabet, I would go like this…O for Onida..I could write on the devil with horns? Orangutan..and Jane Goodall? Omr…my engineering college life? Odd Even rule…Kejriwal? Office? Origin..anthropology?. I think of trying to challenge myself with a heavy topic, but mostly I go easy. But, I am definitely not complaining, there is always time to write more.

All the very best to all who have taken up the challenge, may you complete it with vigour and flying colours.

Oh! Special thanks to my friend Kavipriya, for suggesting to write on N for…….’NO THEME’.


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