Have you ever been euphoric? Doesn’t it feel just amazing? Your Dopamine is on an all time high.. You feel a warmth in your heart(technically not), you are elated and that makes you feel hyper!

Many have their own sense of euphoria set on various levels. And, What gets me Euphoric?

* Music is my drug, my anti- depressant.
Shutting out the world and listening to my favourite music. This this..this Song at 2:50.. The voice, lyrics, music…Just meltsss my heart! ❤

Sun re sun beliya
Dil ne dhokha diya
Aankhein mili tumse naazani
Mere hosh-o-hawaas kho gaye
Dil ne ro roka
Yeh aankhein hain dil ki zubaan
Khwaab roz roz dekhe naye
Ho.. dil ka bhanwar bole sun sathiya
Chhup ne dupatte mein tu oh chhaliya
Prem pujari ke.. dil ka bayaan
Hota raha, rota raha priye
Toh phir..

And till date, i still don’t know the meaning of the lyrics!

* Reading Calvin and Hobbes!
And Bill just has something to say about euphoria too!
Oh how much I love Bill!

* Lying on the floor staring above.. Even better the sky, with a friend. Talking all the memories of the past..bliss!

* When I Float in water!
Whenever I decide to go for a swim, i land up floating most of the time than actually swim! I just love the sound of the small ripples of water..feels sound of vacuum, if something at all like that existed.

You might wonder, if these simple things got me jubilant.. Then what about the actual worldly ones? I don’t…happy, yes…But I just don’t feel euphoric.. I never knew why. I think I would feel elated if I achieved or accomplished something, but I never am. Maybe mine lies in the temporary state of idleness.

Oh, What are your reasons? Success over your goal? Personal life- sex, baby, trips, music, dance, running?? I know a friend who gets depressed if he doesn’t run even a single day! He says, he is addicted and that it’s his drug.. gives him a high! Haha


5 thoughts on “Euphoria!!

  1. Super. I have never felt Euphoria, so cant tell or relate to what it feels like :). But after slogging for days together to see something come alive, like a project or website or a general event gives me a smile. Happiness or Euphoria….. Umm.. I dont think so.

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  2. One upon a time, listening to Ricky Martin used to be euphoric for me. So was completing a difficult project or some other personal achievement, or even something as simple as taking my morning walks. Now, there is hardly anything that sends me on such a high. Happy… yes, but euphoric… no.
    I dropped by from the A to Z. I’m doing it bi-weekly & not daily, due to time constraints. Do stop over sometime at my blog. It was lovely to meet you! 🙂
    – Chicky @

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