DIY-Recycling a glass piece

I found this well shaped glass lying around in my house, interesting shapes are always a delight for any recycler. So I started about by just randomly making a pattern with blue.

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (4)

Soon I brought in the light blue-dark blue combo, a favourite of mine and one that can easily bring in beauty to anything. Soon as I was going about I added in the dark green-light green combo, and then a line of yellow and red. The end result:

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (5)

I decided to hang it. So I did a lanyard knot and the bottle hanging knots with the coir threads from the packages.(will do a post on it soon).

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (1)

And the end product… Tada!!

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (2)

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (3)

Add ons you can try:

  1. Try the acrylic paint, I had only poster colours, so had to go ahead with those.
  2. I am yet to varnish too. Varnishing gives a better finish, look and the craft lasts longer.
  3. You can hang in a bulb, for it can also serve as a lamp.

Let me know what you think and share me your crafts.


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