The Plan: Backpacking through 4 Countries in 11 Days!

In Short 4C11D Trip Part 1

If you had read my author section, you must have noticed I love to travel. My love for travel has been there for a long time. So, as soon as I was independent I decided to save and set off to explore places.

This was one such travel I did last March and sorry about the late post.

The Plan

I was in the company of three other friends. We squared in on the locations based on cost, location of two others (they were already visiting Singapore) and the best route to exit/enter India efficiently and cost effectively.

So, Southeast Asia was the best and the cheapest for travel. We slowly started narrowing down on the countries, letting go of Burma, Indonesia, Singapore, and Laos as we would land up wasting a lot of time in travel alone.

The final Four: Malaysia-Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand.

We decided to enter through Malaysia, as it was the cheapest entry and exit via Bangkok, the next cheapest option. I suggest anyone to do vice-versa; Although, what better than ending the trip partying in Bankgok! ;). The feasible other countries to cover was south Vietnam(not North.because of the time constraint), Cambodia and Thailand.

Malaysia: Kaula Lumpur.
Vietnam: Ho chi Minh(Old name Saigon-Capital City) and Mekong Delta.
Cambodia: Phnom Penh-the Capital City and Siem Reap-the place of Angkor temple complex(Angkor Archaeological Park).
Thailand: Bangkok.

Places missed due to lack of time: Genting Highlands in Malaysia and Pattaya.

On my trip to Malaysia, click here.
On my trip to Angkor, click here.
On my night at the party Street- the Khao San Road, click here.

Soon to follow: On my destinations Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.


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