Onida Devil

Remember the times when we did not have DTH, not even cable!. Those were times when we dint have choices but what was broadcasted was the best and a no-nonsense, it was the times of our good old Doordarshan. News was news. I still remember watching the shocking death of Mother Teresa and my mom quoting ‘Just a week ago, it was Princess Diana’. Then there were quiz times with our sports quiz master Sumanth C Raman, we would struggle to match his speed, and come Sunday, it was Shakthiman time. During summers in Grandmom place was when we were introduced to the evenings of Oliyam Oliyam, our neighbor aunties and teen akkas used to come over to watch in our grandparents place, we would cringe and run off to play, ‘That is time, let’s share’ Grandma would say.

I remember, one weekend sitting with my family, to watch the usual Saturday 9 PM Hindi movies. We were huddled in front of our TV, all lights off, with pillows mountained high, we sloped on it to rest. That was when I first saw the Devil! My eyes were fixated on it, it lurked around the buildings of a community, and a guy threw his TV out from the balcony. I never understood the ad, but I remember running into watch the ad everytime it played, believing that is how a devil truly looked.

The avatar was donned by 3 different actors over the years.


I remember as I grew up, knowing their tagline, it said Owners pride…we had a Onida…so we assumed we were to be proud. Majorly, I was relieved because our TV wouldn’t be thrown out from the balcony like they featured it in an ad. By the way, i tried my best but I am unable to find the video of the ad, please share with me if you do! Would be grateful.

In 2009, the company decided to drop its devil and soon their tagline too, which was however retrieved partially. Though the Devil had a slow death after a 20 year hiatus, it would remain in the memory of the 80’s and the 90’s kids.



My second favorite ad of the devil is the one promoting their speakers. I remember asking my dad if our Onida TV had the KYG Horn, and him nodding that we did, and me…walking away with a smirk smile. This indeed shows how crucial it is to target the kids while making the ads, and how obviously it affects and influences them and thus why we do need censorship.

Another great ad just to promote a lucky draw…who could have done it this well. The actor was also my most favorite of all three other devils.


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