DIY-Recycling a glass piece

I found this well shaped glass lying around in my house, interesting shapes are always a delight for any recycler. So I started about by just randomly making a pattern with blue.

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (4)

Soon I brought in the light blue-dark blue combo, a favourite of mine and one that can easily bring in beauty to anything. Soon as I was going about I added in the dark green-light green combo, and then a line of yellow and red. The end result:

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (5)

I decided to hang it. So I did a lanyard knot and the bottle hanging knots with the coir threads from the packages.(will do a post on it soon).

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (1)

And the end product… Tada!!

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (2)

diy-recycle-glass-lampshade (3)

Add ons you can try:

  1. Try the acrylic paint, I had only poster colours, so had to go ahead with those.
  2. I am yet to varnish too. Varnishing gives a better finish, look and the craft lasts longer.
  3. You can hang in a bulb, for it can also serve as a lamp.

Let me know what you think and share me your crafts.


Recycling those cereal boxes


As I said, I am quite a recycling enthusiast. I wanted a storage for all my electronic accessories like the chargers, earphones, etc., which were lying around creating a mess.  So I got together all the stored kellogs boxes, and made this square box. For a sturdy feel, I cut out from shipping(courier) boxes and used as base, and two layers from the cereal box for walls. Black chart for the coverage, and as decor, cutouts from magazines!

Decorating and protecting my Earphones

My new earphones had got a little damaged by running under my chair; so I was googling around how I can protect them and bumped into this method.

I loved the colour combo she used, so I din’t bother to think about other colours.

Hence, after trying here is the result.. Tada!

My Opinion

1. Earphones never looked this appealing and elegant. (This pic was taken 6 months after I made it, imagine how gleaming it would have looked brand new).
2. Tangles way lesser. And the little tangles and knot are easily removable!

1. Timmmmmmme Consuming!!!!! Took me almost 6 hours. So I would advise to do it only if you have all the time in world.
2. Threads tend to become dull n pull out after sometime, and this is not really worth the time spent on making it.

I owe it to mashable though, for helping me find this DIY.

Recycle those never used earrings and old beads-DIY

I had a bunch of earrings and beaded chains, I never used or had become old. So this is what I did. I made them as decorative strings. I also had a leftover beaded hemline which I tied across my window and balcony door and hung pictures(stuck to black thick charts) using clippers.


For the Decorative string, I had a leftover embroidery thread from a kit. I took two lengths of the thread, and attached the leaf from a earring I never used in the end. Then, made a basic overhand knot and strung the bead to just one thread and made the knot with both threads again; another bead and so on. I think the pic is clear enough.


These are just simple stuff I try in order to personalize my room with no damage to walls by hammering nails and get to recycle junk.
I am a big time lover for recycling things.

Share with me your Day ideas too.