Lunch from Lunch Pi

As bachelorettes Sindhu (of and I often had to spice up our taste buds with outside food. And affordability, packing, quantity and quality make a huge difference.

Lunch Pi offered to give us a taste of their food. Sindhu ordered lasagna and I ordered the Special Veg Thali, we also ordered a chicken kebab.

The thali was absolutely delicious. The items were fried rice, 2 naan and 2 gravies- dal makhani and butter masala, tikka, raitha and a sweet. The quantity is really good, it’s a treat for heavy eaters.

The kebab, though not of my taste, was liked by Sindhu. I am still very choosy on my meat choices.

The packing deserves a special mention. All the items instead of usually being stuffed in a cover, was laid out in a neat cardboard box. Not only is the packing environment friendly, the spoon is recyclable too..which is made of wood.

Kudos LunchPi.


2 thoughts on “Lunch from Lunch Pi

  1. Is this a new restaurant in Chennai? Will look for it when we (sorry) when I visit Chennai next time. She passed away recently in an accident. I just end this comment.


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