My top three Harley Davidsons

Harley Davidson needs no introduction. A legendary motorcycle manufacturer, founded by friends duo in an aim to make a motorable bicycle, going on to survive in the hands of various ownerships and economy scuffles, they continue to ride strong!

Here are my favourite three, the ones I just can’t stop gawking at!

1. CVO Softail Convertible


My favourite cruiser! The ultra awesome customisable bike from in-house CVO, one of the best fuel-injection mechanism…and a stunner!!! An awesome cruiser and touring bike; best of all it’s light weight!

2. VRSCDX Night Rod Special


The non-vintage but the best modern looking bike, my Batman vehicle is what I call it! With an Engine developed with Porsche! One ride, just one is all I ask.

3. 1909 Model


Firsts are always the best. The game changing v-twin, 49.5 cubic inches displacement and seven horsepower, the reason the flagship hit the gold! An icon that forever holds this generation babies(read bikes) to thank for.

What more can a girl ask for ;).

What is your top three??


4 thoughts on “My top three Harley Davidsons

  1. I wish I could at least afford the upcoming entry-level Harley Davidson 500 Street model. But alas, gotta do with Avenger. Even this bike is good 🙂

    Destination Infinity
    PS: I think you can make the third bike yourselves – many cycles of that model should be available, you can just fix a HD engine 😛

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