C for Christopher Nolan

Ever been in a state where you go into a loop of never ending cerebrations?? You think of something, you want all and every whys’, hows’ of yours answered and then you go into a sea of interconnected thoughts, processing and connecting the dots and (bam) you either get a revelation, a proverb, a crazy redundant meaningless irk coming into you, or worse, you just fall flat on your face, not to worry ofcourse on the pillow, and shut your ears as if that would stop you from thinking! Well I I am one of those too. And one of those who can’t just stop watching Nolan movies, for they love the never ending loops.

And here are my top five favourite picks from one of my favourite director/writer and an amazing thinker.

  • Doodle bug– A short film that can impact as awesome as a three hour movie. A descriptive eerie of the horror-imagination of yours.
  • Memento– The original Gajini, but can spin your head. Perseverance of a revenge!
  • The Prestige – While many like the plot and all, my favourite part is when Tesla and Edison story is spun in the movie.
  • Inception – Time travel, dreams, reality-compounded.
  • Interstellar – My friends might be surprised to see this movie in my list, for I do not think this is Nolan’s best take. Interstellar might go down the list maybe after I watch Insomnia, the only movie of his I haven’t watch, surprisingly inspite of it being a Robin Williams starrer..Ummph..strange me. Anyway the best for its scene of the fourth dimension concept! Absolutely brilliant!

Some of you might be surprised to see the Batman-Dark Knight Series missing, well, Dark Knight is my favourite but would hesitate to have it on top5, until maybe I am into my Evil mood * joker grin *.

Tell me what is your favourite movie of Nolan??


7 thoughts on “C for Christopher Nolan

  1. Inception. Always. I never get tired of watching the movie. The dreams and real life sequence inspired me to write my first actually passable excuse of a short story. I have had arguments about the spinning top so seriously like my life depended on it! 😛

    Excellent post!

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