‘One’ said, “Love is true when you give your all, without expecting.”

‘Another’ said, “Love is about give and take.”

‘One’ is the Angel and ‘another’ is the devil. Or are they?

If I referred ‘One’ as an Angel, then ain’t I saying that love is unselfish, and that it is the truest without expectations, and eventually it is right that way? And if I referred ‘Another’ as a Devil, then ain’t I saying that relationships aren’t a two way street?

So let’s say I differ, and call ‘One’ as the devil and ‘Another’ as the Angel.

So by referring ‘Another’ as the ‘Angel’, then ain’t I suggesting that it is okay to keep giving even though you don’t receive any? Or by referring ‘One’ as the ‘Devil’, then ain’t I suggesting to give love only when you know you get it in return?

There are just too many definitions and dilapidated conditions on what love is and how it should be lead. But what really is love? How do you lead one? Again too many do’s and don’ts, relationship advices which are written in hordes.

Should you have expectations or not? Well, let us consider that we do follow the advice of our closed ones, and not have any expectations and enter into the relationship. Then how do the expressive ones and the non-expressive ones close-in? Then where do the ones that ‘get attached and detached easily’ meet the ones that ‘take long to get attached but once they do, can’t detach themselves off’? And What about the ones who have different definitions of best friends? where do they find a common point? Or is it possible to go on without a common point with the most important people of our life? It might, yes, if you are prepared from the beginning, but what about the relationships you already are in? How do you go on with the push and pull in expectations? Is it possible to have the same relationship with a person who considers you in a different level of importance than you do them?

Aren’t these questions for you to find out, rather than the rule books.

Isn’t Love just love, it doesn’t come with a rule book, does it? So why do we go on to create a wall of do’s and don’ts? What worked for one, how can it work for another? People are not meant to feel the same way. And that is how humans are.

Be it with anyone…blood-related or by choice. Isn’t love just a set of emotions you develop for someone.

If we still claim that these do’s and don’ts help us not to get hurt..what does that make us? We are among generations were we are so afraid to get hurt and just can’t handle disappointments. Maybe it is time, we did. 


4 thoughts on “Love

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  2. An interesting take Uma.

    How does one define ‘love’?

    Is it what a mother feels for her new-born infant.

    That joy in the child’s eyes when her father throws her up in the air and catches her and they smile and snuggle?

    Is it that intense happiness that your niece or nephew feel when you surprise them with a gift?

    Is it that pang of jealousy when you feel when your friend is getting a lot of company from the opposite gender? And you realize that somewhere deep within that the friend is truly someone more than a friend?

    You can’t define this word. The problem is that we are living in a world where we are forced to listen to our mind and we are paying the price for it.

    If we chose to listen to our heart once in a while and follow one’s gut feeling – the world might be a different place altogether.

    Sorry for the long comment!

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