Prakash was still in the ICU. His family and relatives had been visiting the hospital. The doctors hadn’t allowed anyone to see him yet. Everyone had been shocked at the things they heard from the police. It was not believable, Prakash was afterall a good boy, infact a neighbours pet. His mother never left the hospital. The nurses allowed her to visit him secretly a few times when she poorly begged. But then she would run out of his room sobbing. The nurses had heard the voices, ‘Painting…Catherine… Annie…. three…. Red….’ it was never ending.

They felt sad for the mother and son.

Prakash was still dazed. He had been sleeping most of the time. That was not good, he thought. He needed to think, he had to visit Sarvesh before he was hanged, he had to figure out the clues! And the kid, Catherine..was she even safe? He requested the doctors not to administer the sedatives, they just wouldn’t budge, when he protested he was simply tied to the bed. Why would they do that? Was this Noel’s work? The police and doctors walked in and out most of the time, they spoke amongst themselves and just leave. Nevertheless, he still felt unsafe, he knew somebody was watching him. He needed to escape. But how? The nurse, here she was..another sedative and he would be asleep in no time.

Prakash woke with a jolt. Prakash was sure ‘HE’ was here. Prakash’s eyes scurried the room frantically. The thunderous laugh echoed through the room. Prakash could only hear him, where was HE?

“Hi Prakash”, said the eerie spine-chilling voice. Prakash froze. The voice came from above his bed. He arched his back, leaned his chin up wanting a clear view this time..there..His eyes met the grotesque being. Clamped to the head of the bed, hanging in the air, whole body painted white, blood dribbling from mouth and hands, smiling at him, Noel said, ‘Good day, Sir’.

With one hit, Noel broke the shackles of the bed, caught Prakash by the hair and dragged him out, “Time to Goooooo”, Noel yelled enthusiastically.

The nurses screamed. Steven had kicked anyone who intervened, the Police were no exception.

Prakash gained conscious hearing Noel again. This time he sang…

“Roses are red and Violets aren’t blue
When your body aches and your day ends

Prakash felt a sharp punch.

“Where memories will be your only friends
There, lies your next clue”

Prakash cried out in pain. He saw Noel slice his stomach, all the way to his crotch, slowly first, then a stab on his left. Now Annie forced the knife through the right.

“A beautiful PLUS”, Noel said satisfied. Annie smiled gracefully.

Prakash felt another punch through his stomach. Noel pulled out his intestines…his face displayed ecstasy.

“Charming threads”, Steven said, smiling ear to ear.

Prakash’s mom saw her son punched, kicked, stabbed in every visible part of the body, he was all red, not her handsome Prakash in holi red, but covered till toe in bloody red.
Stunned, crying, yelling out to him, on her knees, hitting the ground with hands, she begged him to stop. She saw her dear son’s intestines pulled out.

She was horrified to see his son storm out of the ICU. He could not be stopped. He ran through the stairs kicking anyone who tried to stop. He turned deaf to her calls. He just ran. Ran frantically. Ran holding his hair, he was worn out, but it din’t stop him from forcefully dragging himself.

The story so far …
#1 A Haunted Memory
#2 Three Strokes of Red
#3 The Red Saree
#4 Black Heart
#5 Who’s Next???
#6 #3 NUMB3RS!

And mine is Part 7. And for Part 8, please read Asmita Madhusudhanan’s Ressurection.

Note : This post is a part of the “Tagged” Contest by writer Kaarthika and The Chennai Bloggers Club. Kaarthika’s book is being released on May 29. Do pre-order it on Amazon.


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