Rajasthani Food Festival @Westin Chennai

Adiós foodies,

So what happens the moment we ask for Rajasthani food recommendations in Chennai, one thinks hard and comes out with a restaurant name or two, and usually it is disappointing. But food in Westin was quite a delight I should say.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted to a beautifully decorated entrance.

westin rajasthani food chennai.jpg

The golden cycle and the glass bangles were my favourite part of the decor.

The dining area.

As a welcome drink I had a Margarita Mocktail, though there was no crushed ice and the taste was OK, I liked the Cinderella drink which was flavorous, a combo of apple and orange.

The spread as a whole had a lot of varieties in not just one category but in everything. I was full by just trying out a little in each dish. Not only that, this is the best array of spread I have seen in buffet… The area was made well use of, and the presentations were impeccable and tempting :D.

Variety of Rajasthani Starters

Fish Chaat was my favourite, done like the tikka, it was just perfect!

The buffet included not just rajasthani but also other cuisines to cater to their diverse clientele.

Over to the Main course

The Rabbit Biryani…my first time of having a rabbit.

I didn’t like the meat as well as I liked the Crocodile steak (On that story later 😉 ).It was a bit hard and subtle for my taste. But the rice tasted wonderful..loved the blend of onions and the aroma..mmmmmm.

Rotis and Pulao were served with a variety of veg and non veg gravies like the Junglees maans, Khadh Murgh, Machili dhardhara Masala(the best I liked..loved the tangy taste), Malabar fish curry and Chilli Chicken.

For the vegetarian appetite were the tasty Palak Paneer Kofta(…yummm), Bhindhi Jaipuri, Bharwan gatte and Makai aur hara pyaz ki subzi.

Through the buffet, Westin’s in-house Chef Rawad and the Chef for the festival Sataveer explained us of the Rajasthan traditions, ingredients, their hunting habits..which were fascinating.

Over to desert

I tried the Rajasthani and the other deserts as well… Who can resist a good variety of desert 😉

The Chenna Malpua with Rabdi was to the T!
Pic Source:Sindhujp.com

Other delicacies were Besan ki ladoo, Alwar ka Kalakand and Akrot ki Mithai.

All this and more just until the 31st January 2016 of the Rajasthani Food Festival. I would recommend this buffet for those ardent buffet lovers… the varieties sure won’t disappoint you.

The buffet costs Rs. 1550 plus taxes.
Dinner: 7:00 – 11:00 pm

Contact: Shrikanth 8939892022


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