Alcohol of Men and Stares of Women

To all my dear Indians of the opposite gender,
Yes.. I am afraid of you when you are drunk
Yes.. I frown at you when I smell alcohol coming from you
Yes.. It’s none of my business
Yes.. I might have looked at you disgusted
No.. Beneath it all is not hatred for men
It is our instinct protecting us
It is the hauntings of the past
It is the doings of the few that has pushed us to behave so
The frown may not always mean disgust, It is the face of a women trying to be brave and say I am not the one you want to mess with.

Yes.. You being under alcohol’s influence doesn’t mean you are a bad guy
But our past will never stop haunting us
So shall my frowns never end… until those few of the past fail in the present.


2 thoughts on “Alcohol of Men and Stares of Women

  1. Good one Uma – though I felt you ended it abruptly, you wanted to write a lot more but somehow you chose to bottle up thoughts and emotions and left it a this!

    Good one – keep smiling – keep writing 🙂


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