Movie Review: Angry Indian Goddesses

Angry Indian Goddesses opens with a bunch of women facing their own problems: A businesswoman (CEO, I presume) with a daughter who feels lonesome yet highly talented in photography, a singer with a career going downhill and has tried to commit suicide twice, a photographer who refuses to Photoshop the model’s skin to look fairer, an activist fighting for the farmers’ lands, a good Indian housewife-bahu who was a gold medalist, an Anglo Indian who is an aspiring actress and a servant lady who is fighting her brother’s murder case.


These women come together to celebrate a wedding, they share their lives, their happiness, miseries and a deep bond is woven. When one is raped and found dead, the others raise in anger and avenge her death. Typical age old story huh? So what is different about this movie other than the quirky movie name. The difference is that they are modern age women, women from not-just-another profession, women who party, women who like to booze, women who can get out of hand at times, women who are depressed, women who dress western (in Indian terms who wear less clothes), women who don’t need men to protect them when they venture out… And that has made all the difference and the reason that they deserve to be victims. 

Back to the wedding, it is a same sex wedding and discussions concerning law do happen. However, eventually they are happy for the pair and decide to celebrate in the beach with Wine. Which happens to be a crime! How can a women booze? Wearing western clothes? Without men for company? In the middle of the night? And celebrate same sex marriage? These are the questions put-forth by the police when one of their friend is raped and murdered..but not an investigation on the crime.

And when they did find photos of the incident, the police simply say it is not clear enough. Leaving them in vain and angry, that one of them decides to go behind the guilty. She manages to shoot three of them, until her friends reach there and pull the gun off of her hand, but they realise this is justice and shoot the remaining as well.

The later part however is dramatic. But during the course of movie are topics on women molestation and laws associated with it, cliched portrayal of women in movies, marketing, same sex marriage, long dragging cases in the justice system of India, child between a working couple, a woman being blamed for the couple not being able to get pregnant, women and their careers, etc.

The title hence justifies in the portrayal of all the anger women carry in their brains and the ache in the heart. Why is it that society determines what a women should do?

Other light moments: The Anglo Indian character Joanna(Amrit Maghera) is such a free spirited person, she was a delight to watch. I read few reviews which bashed her character for being shy and not asking her neighbor for whom she has a deep lust, common I say, can’t a girl  be old fashioned and just enjoy the ‘Aankhon Mein Ankhen’ moment?!. And Sarah-Jane Dias was exquisite.

The movie is made to be highly emotional, to be a tear jerker. I loved the movie, it is different movie from the mainstream movies, yes, it has only female leads and yet has won all points which you don’t commmonly see. As for the others criticising it is not a benchmark in the history of cinema; I say, it may not be, but it is sure a milestone. For heaven sake!, It is not a documentary.

Opinion Rating: 4/5. A must watch, once in a while there is a movie that portray your anger just the right way and this is such a movie.

My most favourite scene: The CEO walks out of the conference room angry, walking steadfast she disrobes  while her male assistant is running behind her catching the clothes, and whoosh she jumps into the pool in her bikini. Sandhya Mridul was so powerful that I couldn’t stop myself from applauding even though I knew it was rude. I don’t mean to say it is the right behavior, but I enjoyed watching the gender reversed for a change!

P.S: Where did this thought of subjective and objectification of what a woman should and should not do arise from?? ‘Why I deserve to be punished? Because I am a Woman?’ I will never understand nor will I stop questioning.


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