Share and Care this Christmas season with Hotbreads

This Christmas Season Hotbreads is back with a bang!!!

Last week a food tasting event was conducted for bloggers at the Hot Breads..need I say more, it was a treat!!!!

Why the title share and Care? Hotbreads is proceeding a share of their sales from this season to the Chennai Flood relief.

Premium rich plum cakes with real fruits soaked 6months prior(!), and well mixed with wine and rum… was absolutely yum!

hotbreads-christmascakes-special (1)

A specialty only for the Christmas season..Minced fruit pie. It looks devouring good… However, this is for the ones who absolutely love sweets and love them more if they had all the more sweetness to it. A quick tip from a Hotbreads staff: The minced pie is best had heated in oven for 4 seconds and with fresh cream or even vanilla… That is one interesting combo I would like to try.

hotbreads-christmascakes-special (4)

Next specialty for the season.. The Dundee Cake. A simple delicacy, for the likes of me who prefer little sweetness with bitterness….and the flavour was a delicious treat!

hotbreads-christmascakes-special (2)

The final delicacy laid out was the walnut cake. A simple one with a predictable taste.. Yet a subtle evening snack.

hotbreads-christmascakes-special (3)

We were also treated to some awwesome Mexican cuisine from Don Pepe, a restaurant from the Hotbreads brand ownership.. they were just awesome… the best I have had..the chicken nachos and a mousse the chef was experimenting.


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