Inji Iduppazhagi Movie Review

What do I say? A good script wasted by amateur screenplay, poor dubbing, bad lip sync and average music; but saved by good acting, strong points of the very script.


Anushka and Arya have played their roles very well. They make a very cute and romantic couple. The thing I hated most though was the portrayal of Anushka’s character.. She is a plus size women.. Not a retard. Why do they still continue to portray women as silly and of childish behaviour…I just don’t get it.

Kudos to supporting actors, special meention of Anushka’s screen brother, Bharath…whattey wow.. Amazing transformation and his performance of the role was to the T! Urvashi plays her mother role amazingly well. The (ex) pairs of Arya and Anushka played their part well. Limited role for comedian Ali.

Get-up: Anushka has been given big(read huge) butt with the help of prosthetics, but it disappears when she performs item number and in later serious part of the movies, isn’t it hypocrisy? Fun part ought to have bigger body? When serious, not to?. And, What were they thinking of Prakash Raj’s make up? Really? It seemed more like a spoof movie role… Especially his mustache.. Ugh.

The dubbing was very poor in many areas, Even that of the lead actors. It din’t seem like a bilingual movie.. But more touch of a Telugu movie dubbed in Tamil.

The characters and their relationships, were well woven. However extremely exaggerated roles, characters, emotions would irk the audience.. The graphics and camera tricks here and there could be well avoided.

But inspite all these flaws, the movie is enjoyable. The main question ‘Will it strike a cord with plus size people?’.. Yes. It does very well brings out what plus size people go through (Watch-out the part where she feels down over her weight).

Must say: Good job Anushka.

Opinion rating: 3.5/5

Let me know what you think of the movie.



3 thoughts on “Inji Iduppazhagi Movie Review

  1. The second heroin or the other girl , i forgot her name. She was betrayed or cheated by Arya. I did not like that part, the girl did not deserve that. I feel you missed that part….
    good review keep writing…..

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