Review: 150 days of Moto G3

It’s been almost five months since Moto G3 released. And here is what I think of it.

The budget friendly is rigid and reliable. Jumping onto Pros and Cons.


Camera switches on every time phone is placed on table, the left-to-right shaky movement triggers the camera;  And so the feature had to be disabled.

The grey plastic outer rim is vulnerable to damage.

After the first and also the second update, I have been experiencing the screen flicker at times.

The adaptive brightness doesn’t work well when using camera.

Moto shells are not available for Indian market. What are they thinking??

The curvy behind of the phone can give handling issue.

Camera is okay, pictured of outdoor are clearer. Locations of bad lighting can be tough. Could have more option of filters and modes though.

Display is satisfactory, however I wish the contrast and sharpness was better. Light yellowish feel.


Amazing UI.

Runs smooth, takes a lot of load. Hardly hangs unlike my previous mi3.

The device is a Value for money, with the budget of 13k the rigidity and quality in build and UI is amazing.
I hear soon there shall be a marshmallow update, hope there are less issues with that version.

Absolutely love the torch feature, Switch it on with a swivel movement. Comes really handy!

Can take in app overload.. I have almost 90 apps installed, with high memory consuming games as well. But there has not been any glitches while running them.

The preview of recently opened items, is good, It also lists tabs of chrome separately which is fantastic, help to shift between tabs easily and thus multi task. This feature has of course been in moto series before, however it is worth mentioning.

Overall: Value for money and the best buy of all phones in the market. Other phones like Xiaomi, Lenovo of the same price are easily prone to damage, especially the display. One plus one though a good contender has hanging or UI issues.


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