He and Her

‘Koko!! Where are you?? Why haven’t you washed the dishes?’, yelled out Sid.

He walks around the house looking for Changi, she was nowhere to be seen. He goes out to the backyard, hoping she would be in her go-to spot, the place she feels close to her parents she lost. The swing was swaying to the gentle breeze, just empty without her, he sat on it.

They had been living together for almost three months now, it had not been love or a fling.. It was an agreement.

Three months earliar…

Changi was on her way back home from her trip her friends gifted for her birthday. It was a two hour ride to her home, far from the city in the outskirts by the beach, her father had built it for her mother and her. He was an excellent architect, and her mother an excellent cook.. She lost them in an accident when she was 18, and had refused to move to the city however far. The house was named ‘Harmony’ by her mother, for she loved the house and the ‘lazy ocean that hugs the shore’, her mom would quote from Sway.

She opened the door to find the house emptied out. She called her friends but in vain, visited her house and their work place to find that they had absconded. Soon, she found out her two best friends of fifteen yrs had wiped out her savings as well. They had left a letter in the kitchen cabinet, asking her for her forgiveness. She went to the police station but thought of her pregnant friend and walked out without lodging a complaint. She reached the house to find someone moving in, she argued with the guy showing her the agreements, but in vain, they had done it perfectly, the agreement had her sign on it.
She knew she wouldn’t let go of her house so easily, it was the only memory left of her parents. That is when Sid entered into her life.

Sid swinging lazily stared into the sea, thinking of how he saw her for the first time. She was a mess! God, who dresses like this anymore, he had thought. He was sure a handsome guy, the reason he dropped out of med school to pursue acting, many women had expressed interest in him. Though he hardly liked any of them, a scandal was always reported on the papers, it just made him more famous and thus more movies.

After lot of fights, he had agreed to let her stay in the house, until she found a place of her own or bought back the house from him or if by miracle her friends would return. She volunteered to do the house-keeping. She was not a cleanliness freak like him, it was supposed to be a house not a museum she argued, nevertheless he kept her on toes the entire day, she was frustrated. He demanded her to wake at 4 to cook his breakfast!, she cursed him as an alien. He called her a chicken, for being messy. They fought over everything, they even tried to get into an agreement.
1. They wouldn’t interfere in each others private life
2. She would find a solution about the house in 3 months or move out.
3. She would do the house keeping from 6-10am, 10-5pm she wasn’t supposed to be around the house as it was his place he said. Cook him all three times a day. Later when they managed to become friends and tolerate each other, he had allowed 5-10pm was to be her time of working on her novel.

He bullied her, often swapping off dust from corners to show she hadn’t cleaned well, making fun of her cooking, ofcourse she din’t cook well but she hated being complained about.

There were times when Sid fell sick, and Changi took care of him. But when she fell ill, he would complain, but he was the most caring person she knew, she never understood this part of him. How could he be nice and rude? Why was he so exhausting?

It was a month, and Changi finished her novel, she had submitted her book to a publishing house. Hoping for good review, she started the day with glee. It was a success! She came home happily to share the news with Sid, only to hear him say, ‘When are you going to make my dinner?’. Next morning, however she finds a bouquet on the kitchen table, ‘Congratulations! Love, Sid’. It just confused her all the more..she wondered if he had split personality, and asked him even, only to receive an annoying reply, ‘Go clean the Windows, Koko’. He had stopped calling her chicken after she fought with him, only later on to be called KoKo(the way the hens’ made noise he said), Changi din’t like it either, but it was better than being called chicken!

He wasn’t a bad guy, only exhausting, she thought.

Sid, eventually started liking her, but he knew she was not his type..She hardly knew how to party, she had no social life, she din’t have a job either, She called herself a writer and kept scribbling something on her note all the time, above all she was a messy person. But he cared for her, she was different, she was herself, she never was intimidated nor bother by his celebrity status, she was.. Just Koko.

Almost through the third month of agreement, one day Changi was late to reach home. It worried Sid, he was up all night, he made her dinner. Past midnight, sitting on sofa flicking channels and wondering if she was angry because he had been harsh this morning demanding her to clean the stairs.. Sid took to the stairs and started cleaning them, then having the time he cleaned the windows, then the floor, then the kitchen, it was 2 am, she was still not home. He went to her room, to see the room in total chaos, and cleaned it for her. He even, reheated the food hoping she would turn up any minute. He went out to see the street desserted, sat by the verandah waiting for her, when he saw a car turn up to the street.. Noticing it was her.. He ran inside the house and pretended to sleep. He woke up pretending to be disturbed by the noise of her entering the house. He asked her why she was so late, she said she was on a date.

Changi was shocked why Sid was yelling at her so much, she was not a kid, she can handle herself ofcourse, hadn’t they agreed not to interfere in each others personal lives? When asked, he simply yelled back when she was moving out. Changi just walked up to her room and shut the door behind her. She had noticed he had cleaned the house and made dinner!, but why was he yelling?!. She liked him, but he had not shown the slightest interest in her, With all the yelling, How would he?

The next day, she woke up with a jolt and noticed it was past 9am and he had not banged on her door like the usual times when she was late. She walked out to see he was missing. She got ready and went out to meet her publisher. Changi returned to see he was already asleep. She was to have an early start the next day, she was not ready to disturb him either.


It was going to be noon, and the sun still was only a little up and the weather was perfect. Still seated on the swing, Sid thought of the drama that happened over the last three days. He pulled out the box from his pocket, he had ordered it yesterday, the day after their fight, having realised he was afterall in love with her! It was from his favourite jeweller, NAC’s online store..Stylori. His celebrity status did not allow him to shop like others in peace so he often did it online. When Sid thought of proposing his love to Changi, he logged in to stylori to get her the best..there were so many choices, customisation options, choice of karats, type of diamonds, he did not know what they meant ofcourse but there were guides clearly explaining all of it. And they got it to him in a day! He chose the ring he knew his Koko would love. There he was waiting for her with the Ajiuyi band..yes, for his KoKo.


This post is part of the contest hosted by CBC and Stylori.




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