Food tasting at ITC Grand Chola

The Vice President of the Kendall College, Chicago, Christopher Koetke was down in Chennai. And he wanted to give a food tasting session for the bloggers. And so the below crazy bunch of CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club) went.
wannabe-humane-blog_chennai-bloggersWhat would normally be a cook, taste and talk session turned out to be a fun exhibit of ‘Life at Kendall’. He amazingly and literally ran through the 4 years of learning, classes and techniques at Kendall.

Starting from year one, where students would learn techniques on vegetable cutting by chopping loads and loads of potatoes and then only going on to chop other vegetables for months, just to master the art!


Christopher calls it “Passion, Discipline, Intensity’. He repeats it over so many times that you know when to repeat it with him. The slogan is so important for a chef to be successful he says. Over the time he demonstrated what the years of education would be like in Kendall, the expertise an aspiring Chef would acquire.

He did a little jiggle as well.

wannabe-humane-blog_ITC-GRAND-chola_food-tasting_kendall-college-3I wish teachers were so lively and knew the importance of interaction like him. He brings enthusiasm to his crowd, with genuine passion for cooking and his love of involving his audience is amazing.

Few amazing things about Kendall:  They grown their own vegetable. If you decide to study in Kendall now you would know how you landed up having potatoes for all courses, remember the loads and loads of potatoes cut from the beginning months, they are right away used in the canteen for students, meaning to teach not to waste any.

The final presentation!
wannabe-humane-blog_ITC-GRAND-chola_food-tasting_kendall-college-1I wish my Engineering college ran me through how my four years of college would be, probably they knew I wouldn’t have joined 😛 .



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