Trick: Click clarity pics of PC/Laptop Screen

I am one of the lot who meddles with mobile while on PC, and when I like something I instantly click it from mobile and share it or keep it for later. But you see, unfortunately most of the times, the phone cameras don’t capture the screen with clarity, like the one below.


Often you’ll have to process it before sharing in order to spare yourself from hearing beautiful praises from friends (FYI, its not this clear when viewed from smaller screen). However, this is irritating and time consuming.

Today, as usual I was being at it, trying to click the above image with so much effort, while I focused the camera on screen it was perfectly fine but the output was bad. Hence the trick dawned on me. Simply take a screen shot of the camera focus.. And it worked!!!! minion dance
Checkout the output:


Now both pics together below, See the difference?


By the way, filters were not used for any of the isn’t it ;).


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