Fun at Mc Donalds!!!

Another lazy weekend with no plans is what you expect, until your homie and also a fellow blogger, Sindhu (Link) asks you to go Mc D(!) for a bloggers’ event, and voila!…another eventful weekend.


So, we were hosted at the Adyar Mc Donald. The event kicked off with a presentation about Mc D practises and operations by Archana. Mc D Chef Swarup Solgaonkara and also the DGM New Product Development, also pitched in letting us know how they source ingredients for their sauces, it is commendable that just to get the same taste universally they source their chilli from other countries, like the chipotle sauce is not from Indian chillis but sourced from South America itself.

Then Chef Swarup showed us how the Mc Egg recipe, I liked the fact that the eggs are always steamed. Did you knoww, Mc D has a special ingredient called the magic masala.


Later, we were given a kitchen tour, and shown how the kitchen works, the kitchen was squeaky clean and well organised for smooth operation.

To the most interesting part of the event, was the bugger making competition for the blogger’s, oh yes also present were food enthusiasts from WCE, CFG and zomato reviewers etc. Below is the ingredients laid out for us.


The rules were simply to make the best tasting bugger in a given time frame. So we homies(Sindhu and I) teamed up, squabled on the patties (:p) and kicked off making some great burgers. Our bugger: Maharaja bread, double patties:Mc aloo and spicy chicken, Sauces: tartar, Mayo, pudina sauce a little spread so one would get a taste of everything, we also added 3-4 finger chips for the crispy taste.

Tada! Our plating! We even tried to do some MasterChef plating, but utterly funnily couldn’t.

The chef’s reaction was captured by Sindhu as I was explaining the Chef of our making, we called it “Celebration”, because we flavoured it with the taste of tanginess to bittersweet. Ofcourse, he loved it.


Here we are, the duo!


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