Why Bill Watterson is awesome…and will remain the best cartoonist!!

This man, I say.. is a genius! prodigy! creative power house! Epitome of precocity!!… I can keep going on and on about this man!! I love the English language and even more the ones who can just bring out art of it! So, does this man, Bill Watterson.

I am such a crazy fan of this man and his comic Calvin and Hobbes; so crazy that I even had a crush on that boy(!) and till date I do not know if I have gotten over it!. I mean, who could even make a 6 year old talk about philosophy, socialism, psychology, racism, environment, what not…. you name it…and there is a strip on the subject!.

My craziness was so obvious, I was gifted the complete edition of the comic.2012-10-09 22.51.56


Don’t I have the best people as my friends!

Intro for Newbies: As the name goes, the strip is about Calvin, a six year old boy and his stuffed tiger Hobbes (but alive and real to Calvin). Bill wrote these characters inspired from his life, wherein the boy and the tiger were himself and his alter ego. The boy can often be seen to be playful, rant-y and in his imaginary world, but the tiger is more wise and practical. It has been 20 years since the strip ended, but is awesomely still relevant and relatable to ones daily life, feelings and thoughts.

Its a world, so perspective to be lost in and to enjoy its profoundness.

Calvin_hobbes quote

Now, isnt this we all think of doing?!

Calvin_hobbes quote

After seeing a racoon die; the rare occasion when he got emotional :’) *sniff*

Calvin_hobbes quote _advertising

Portrayal of the human insecurity, to the T!

Calvin_hobbes lazying

Stretch and Laze


Advertising. Its influence and Impact.


And a counter thought!

Calvin_hobbes resolution new year

Resolutions? Me? Duh

Calvin_hobbes taking picture

MUAH!!! Enjoy the goody shoes Calvin look, you don’t always see his hair is combed down!


LOL.. This always get me in splits!


One of the moments, when Calvin tests his parents patience!

Calvin_hobbes christmas tree

Yes, his Father has an amazing sense of humour too! He often freaks out Calvin!

Calvin_hobbes taking time to enjoy

My Personal Reminder for a happy Life!

Calvin_hobbes vrtuous behavior

Behavior. Universality. Tolerance to diversity.

Calvin’s never ending struggle with studies and especially Math!

Calvin_hobbes maths

Calvin would have made a great Lawyer.. had Bill continued to write.


There is always a way out.

Even Newton would have loved it!

Even Newton would have loved it!

Calvin_hobbes environmentalism

Environmentalism… How we destroy our earth…


The ugly side of humans 😦


If Math was this easy!

Calvin_hobbes math religion

You agree or not; I do! Math is a set of rules afterall!

And introducing to you, the man behind this!! * drum roll * Bill Watterson

Calvin_hobbes Bill Watterson

The only Picture available to the public.

Well, now you know why He is the best!


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