The perils of being a GENIUS

Genious..huh…So you think…under caffeine…coffee…caffeine…whatever’s influence. You see, I am one of the odd ones who gets psychoactive with just a cup of coffee and has buzzing brains all day long. And this is what happens to us!

    1. Easily Annoyed
      wannabehumane_drinking coffee_effects-arrogance

    2. Restlessness

      wannabehumane_drinking coffee_effects-sheldon-cooper-drinks-coffee

      “I’ll be back before the banana hits the floor..zoom zoom zoom”

      Coffee can lead to Sheldon Cooper-like behavior.

    3. Everlasting hunger to filling up the brain with the BIG K. (its knowledge.. you dummy!)
      wannabehumane_drinking coffee_effects-fast brain
    4. ABSOLUT Arrogance
      wannabehumane_drinking coffee_effects_barney-stinson-i-am-awesome

    5. Irresistible urge to punch people in the face
      wannabehumane_drinking coffee_effects_punch-in-the-face

    6. Clarity of Thought!
      wannabehumane_drinking coffee_effects_mind palace_sherlock holmes_benedict_cumbebatch

The best thing that can happen to a 24*7 wired brain.

I rest my case… Ohmmmmmm * eyes closed *.

And, I write this with all ‘ARROGANCE’ and coffee in hand.


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