Decorating and protecting my Earphones

My new earphones had got a little damaged by running under my chair; so I was googling around how I can protect them and bumped into this method.

I loved the colour combo she used, so I din’t bother to think about other colours.

Hence, after trying here is the result.. Tada!

My Opinion

1. Earphones never looked this appealing and elegant. (This pic was taken 6 months after I made it, imagine how gleaming it would have looked brand new).
2. Tangles way lesser. And the little tangles and knot are easily removable!

1. Timmmmmmme Consuming!!!!! Took me almost 6 hours. So I would advise to do it only if you have all the time in world.
2. Threads tend to become dull n pull out after sometime, and this is not really worth the time spent on making it.

I owe it to mashable though, for helping me find this DIY.


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