Recycle those never used earrings and old beads-DIY

I had a bunch of earrings and beaded chains, I never used or had become old. So this is what I did. I made them as decorative strings. I also had a leftover beaded hemline which I tied across my window and balcony door and hung pictures(stuck to black thick charts) using clippers.


For the Decorative string, I had a leftover embroidery thread from a kit. I took two lengths of the thread, and attached the leaf from a earring I never used in the end. Then, made a basic overhand knot and strung the bead to just one thread and made the knot with both threads again; another bead and so on. I think the pic is clear enough.


These are just simple stuff I try in order to personalize my room with no damage to walls by hammering nails and get to recycle junk.
I am a big time lover for recycling things.

Share with me your Day ideas too.


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